About Riverrun Acreage

I spend lots of time taking care of my little hobby farm. Hence the name of my business, Riverrun Acreage. I am a mom of two boys. My oldest when he started kindergarten wanted to dress up "fancy" for his first day of school. He wanted a dress shirt and a bow tie. No problem. We went to our local department store got him his collared dress shirt and he decided he would fall in love with these designer novelty bow ties. Those bow ties weren't cheap. I took one look at them as said, "I could make that" and the rest I guess is history.

A little about me, I am very passionate about animals and am a Certified Veterinary Technician. My fur/feather family consists of 2 dogs (Zelda and Daisy), 2 cats (Oreo, Fizzgig), a rather large flock of chickens (to many to name, but they do have names). I decided to take my hobby of sewing and my love for animals into making dog collars as gifts for friends who owned pets. I was convinced in 2016 to start selling my items at local crafts shows.

Since then, my business has grown where I am now selling my items in local stores, online and at large festivals. My son's one request several years ago has now turned me from hobbyist sewer turned me into an actual business. My son still loves wearing bow ties and wears them at least once a week to school. His bow tie collection is extensive and still has special requests for certain themed bows. So if you know of a fashionista, whether it is a human or a fur baby. I am your place to shop.

Sincerely, Danielle Korver (Owner)